Literacy Development and Support SERVICES

The focus is to assist learners in overcoming learning challenges or limitations, and experience success!


The Feldenkrais Method™

Feldenkrais® lessons are very different from conventional exercise that relies on force..

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Learning Bridges is an educational consulting and learning clinic, owned and operated by Dawne Roy, B.Ed. M.Ed. (Ed. Psyc), M.Ed. (Literacy), which offers a multifaceted and unique approach to learning goals for individuals of all ages. We offer two streams. One focuses on literacy development and support. The second stream promotes mindful movement practices through the Feldenkrais MethodTM. Clients are assisted in overcoming learning challenges, through identification of strengths, hidden road blocks, and promotion of self awareness. The emphasis is curiosity and learning with ease!

Recent Testimonials

J.R. (Educator)

Dawne Roy raised my awareness of the many skills needed to read and write and provided teaching strategies that address aspects of the learning process. I appreciated hearing an expert demystify these complicated skills that can easily be taken for granted.

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J.B. (Client)

Following many of the classes my back/leg pain/discomfort has decreased. There are times when the pain is no longer there; which is phenomenal! 

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