About Learning Bridges

 Learning Bridges is an educational consulting and learning clinic, owned and operated by Dawne Roy, B.Ed. M.Ed. (Ed. Psyc), M.Ed. (Literacy), which offers a multifaceted and unique approach to learning goals for individuals of all ages. We offer two streams. One focuses on literacy development and support. The second stream promotes mindful movement practices through the Feldenkrais Method™.  Clients are assisted in overcoming learning challenges, through identification of strengths, hidden road blocks, and promotion of self awareness. The emphasis is curiosity and learning with ease!


Hello and Welcome! My name is Dawne Roy. I am passionate about learning and believe possibilities exist for everyone. We just need to discover the way in! I use a unique approach with the aim to build strong foundations for ongoing learning success. I am not the band aide person. Instead, I prefer to guide individuals to learn how to learn, and thus succeed so one can “swim” easily through life. This differs from the usual method of simply supporting and assisting the learner to “tread water” and stay afloat.

My interest and passion in learning success began when my father passed away when I was 18 years old. Always a straight A student, I suddenly found it difficult to concentrate and achieve the same level of standing in my academic pursuits. As a result, I became fascinated by factors that influence learning. When I began my studies to become an educator, my focus steered to learning challenges. The passion for greater awareness, and understanding continues to this day.

Over the years, between teaching, educational consulting, private practice, and raising 3 children, I became increasingly fascinated by the role of vision, movement, and developmental progressions in the learning outcomes of children. Eventually, through chance encounter in an airport bookstore with a book by Norman Doidge called “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, I discovered the Feldenkrais Method TM, and eventually completed my practitioner training in 2021.

The underlying principles of this method has provided me with another layer or foundation for supporting learning outcomes in a very comprehensive and foundational format. I also discovered how our own personal histories, can impact learning challenges, movement capabilities and attitudes as not only children, but also as adults. Feldenkrais became a lens through which I was able to finally connect some underlying factors in learning for children as well as mobility concerns of adults. These factors are generally not readily considered in mainstream learning or movement classes. As a result, I have developed some very unique and creative approaches to assisting individuals in achieving their learning goals be it academic, movement, or both.

The journey has been incredible. How can I assist?

Educational Background

Dawne has a unique background in learning that includes teaching in special education classrooms as well as regular class settings. She holds 2 graduate degrees; one Educational Psychology as well as another in Reading and Literacy. Dawne is also a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, and has studied neurodevelopmental movement (reflexes). Dawne’s experience extends to work as a research assistant for various research projects at the University of Alberta as well as in Ontario at the Rideau Regional Center.

Bachelor of Education


Major: Special Education
Minor: Reading

Master of Education


Ed. Psych. (Early Childhood Special Ed/
Psychoeducational and Play-Based Assessment)

Master of Education


Elementary Education – Literacy

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner


Degrees were granted at the University of Alberta