Individualized Learning Success Sessions: Individual in-person or online sessions

We develop a program for the child/learner, according to the individual differences in skill sets and needs. We do NOT try to fit a child/learner into a pre-established program. This means we meet the learner where they are at and grow the learning from there. The multifaceted approach includes developmental, visual, sensory, auditory, cognitive, and movement related aspects.

What to Expect

Through a unique combination of movement lessons, games, literacy materials, use of attention, particular tactics and specific strategies, literacy learning is expanded and integrated. As the learning grows, anxiety reduces, attention increases, new connections are made and self- confidence develops. Learning becomes easier and enjoyable.

Time Commitment


Initial session is parent only.
Parent attends each session.
Parent works with child 4-5 days per week on activities provided or suggested.

*Child/Learner and Parent

Weekly or biweekly 45 min sessions.
Additional learning at home 4-5 days per week for 15-30 min.

The number of sessions is dependent upon many factors including age, severity of challenge, regularity of attendance and consistency in the home learning sessions. Typically, one can expect 1 to 2 years or between 40 to 60 sessions. Greater long-term success is achieved when children continue until skill sets are well established and they become independent learners. Magic bullets do not exist. Focussed and real change does.

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