Overall Focus

The focus is to assist learners in overcoming learning challenges or limitations, and experience success!


Literacy Development and Support through Learning Bridges assists parents, grandparents, teachers and other professionals in promoting learning success for children (ages 3 to 17) or adults who wish to improve their literacy skills.

A Unique Approach

The approach considers and addresses learning from many angles and contexts including sensing, moving, thinking and feeling. From a whole person, developmental, and experiential position, interests, abilities and strengths are identified, and road blocks uncovered so that strong skill sets can be nurtured. Conditions for learning are created, meeting the learner where they are at, so that literacy and learning repertoires can grow and expand.

A Different Perspective

There is more to “Literacy Success” than one may expect!
We view learning from a wholistic and individual perspective. The learner as a whole and unique being is central to our view of learning. Additionally, literacy is an integrated process requiring more than a view of isolated skills. As a result, the relationships between individual differences, early skill acquisition, foundational abilities, developmental variables, and the complex intersection between reading and writing are considered.