I have tried many therapies and this one has been the most successful. I feel comfortable and listened to during my sessions with Dawne. J.B.

Excellent instructor and class atmosphere is great! Each class made a difference! MW

These movements are so subtle but so effective! D.L.

Following many of the classes my back/leg pain/discomfort has decreased. There are times when the pain is no longer there; which is phenomenal! J.B.

Feldenkrais® has been an extraordinarily good experience for me. I have benefited so much from Dawne’s individual and group classes! I am sleeping better, have improved balance, and the pain in my back and shoulder is gone. I am so grateful for Dawne and Feldenkrais® that I look forward to keeping Feldenkrais® in my life indefinitely! T.G.

I have used what I have learned in the individual sessions and classes on a daily basis through my morning and evening routines, as well as through activities like getting in and out of a vehicle and driving, etc. J.E.