Program Info

We develop a program for the child/learner, according to the individual differences in skill sets and needs. We do NOT try to fit a child/learner into a pre-established program. This means we meet the learner where they are at and grow the learning from there. The multifaceted approach includes developmental, visual, sensory, auditory, cognitive, and movement related aspects.

What to Expect

Through a unique combination of movement lessons, games, literacy materials, use of attention, particular tactics and specific strategies, literacy learning is expanded and integrated. As the learning grows, anxiety reduces, attention increases, new connections are made and self-confidence develops. Learning becomes easier and enjoyable.

Time Commitment


  • Initial session is parent only.
  • Parent attends each session.
  • Parent works with child 4-5 days per week on activities provided or suggested.

Child/Learner and Parent

  • Weekly or biweekly 45 min sessions.
  • Additional learning at home 4-5 days per week for 15-30 min.

The number of sessions is dependent upon many factors including age, severity of challenge, regularity of attendance and consistency in the home learning sessions. Typically, one can expect 1 to years or between 40 to 60 sessions. Greater longterm success is achieved when children continue until skill sets are well established and they become independent learners. Magic bullets do not exist. Focussed  and real change does.


1. Parent/Grandparent Training Literacy and Learning Workshops

These workshops are designed to assist Parents, Guardians and Grandparents develop greater understanding of learning and literacy. Attendees come away with greater insights and ideas for supporting the learning for the children in their lives.

2. Teacher/Professional Training Workshops

These workshops are designed to facilitate understanding of approaches to growing literacy skills and the reading/writing intersection. Attendees come away with new ideas, activities and approaches they can use immediately in their work environment. Case studies are frequently referenced to provide direct relevance and experience.


Individual Academic Sessions:

We are so thankful to have had Dawne in our lives. She has helped our son and all of us so much! I believe Dawne changed the course of his life. He is much happier and more confident and I am a much better parent to him than may have been the case otherwise. D.S. (Parent)

We credit Dawne for much of our son’s success. I wish all kids could access this kind of help! I wished I had met her earlier. She figured out missing pieces that no one else did and even though her approach seemed unorthodox at the time, I think it is why we had so much success! L.G. (Parent)

Our son achieved honors in Grades 11 and 12 and was accepted into college. I believe his time spent with Dawne was so very important for developing the foundations of his success in life. She has my thanks and gratitude for all she does. D.L. (Parent)

Previously, we felt helpless and lost with how to support our daughters’ different learning styles and needs. Dawne’s exceptional insight and compassion for children and parents, transformed this situation into one of empowerment and support. With Dawne’s multidimensional approach, we believe our daughter made bigger and faster gains in her learning journey. We are so grateful! A.B. (Parent)

Dawne created calm and caring sessions. She helped us bridge learning gaps and look for missing pieces when our son was stuck. R.M. (Parent)

My child loves working with Dawne. She makes every exercise fun and taught us so many games. Dawne has helped me understand how I can help my child; making our journey together way less stressful! T.G. (Parent)

Dawne pays attention to factors other professionals overlook. She cares about her clients and works hard to get to the root of a problem. Once there, she taps into her wisdom gained through years of education, consistent self-study and her intuition to find the best treatments and solutions. She forms a thorough understanding of the person and then tailors the work to that individual. S.K. (Registered Psychologist)

This is my happy place! Child Response

Professional Relationships and Workshops:

Dawne Roy raised my awareness of the many skills needed to read and write and provided teaching strategies that address aspects of the learning process. I appreciated hearing an expert demystify these complicated skills that can easily be taken for granted. J.R. (Educator)

Dawne’s explanation of the general progression of phonemic awareness was quite pragmatic and helpful for literacy students. Z.S. (Educator)

Dawne Roy’s presentation was concrete and practical. I picked up useful teaching strategies from the presentations. The case studies and possible solutions offered were most useful. Z.S. (Educator)

The presentation provided insights into how to unpack the needs of struggling students and how to assist them. C.L. (Educator)

Dawne Roy rocks and should be at every Teacher’s Convention! D.L. (Educator and University Lecturer)

General Professional Workshop Feedback:

Educational Teachers and Coordinators

Fantastic day!  This was Fantastic!

Tailored to our program.

Interactive and not overwhelming.

Practical Ideas

Great Topics!  


The perspective was so insightful.

Interesting Connections

Engaging and Inspiring

This workshop gave me much to think about.

The tips on reading and writing were relevant.

I got a lot of value and gained some practical ideas.

It was a great idea to link theory to practice.

Very helpful!

There was much to apply to my practice!

This perspective was so insightful. I would love to hear more from her.

Very informative. There were lots of great tools, activities, and ideas.

Parent and Grandparent Workshops

I wish I had had access to this kind of information when my children were in school or I was in school! This workshop helped me understand that all children can be successful. J.B.(Grandparent)

I have attended several of Dawne’s amazing parent/grandparent workshops and found them to be extremely enlightening and stimulating!  I look at educational toys, games, puzzles and activities very differently when spending time with my 2 young granddaughters now that I’ve been shown how to learn through play more effectively. I wish I had this knowledge when my own children were growing up many years ago! D.S. (Grandparent)