Sessions can be group or individually based. Workshops are also offered from time to time based on a specific theme.

Group Classes

These are called ATM™ classes or Awareness Through Movement®. Students are verbally guided through a series of movement sequences. The lessons may be in standing, sitting in a chair, sitting on the floor or as is most frequent, laying on the floor on a mat, blanket or carpet.

Presently, classes are pop-up, both online through zoom and in-person.

When we begin to become aware of what we are doing, our nervous system spontaneously begins to reorganize.  This is what happens with babies as they develop and change. Unfortunately, as adults we tend to override what we sense and feel with what we “should” do. If we can allow ourselves, like children to use curiosity and discovery, our innate intelligence begins to self-organize organically rather than in a forced way.

Awareness Through Movement® lessons are not imposed exercises. They are opportunities to learn to move in new ways by learning to listen to yourself, and through self-awareness, discover how you learn. If there is anything that one could “practice” in these classes, it is listening to oneself. As we practice “listening” to ourselves, it becomes easier to discover what feels easier, to try possibilities, and gradually improve not only how we move physically, but also how we move emotionally and mentally through life. When something becomes more comfortable, additional possibilities become available and different options can be accessed. This is in comparison to giving up or pushing through.

The movements are really all about attention, and self-awareness. Awareness Through Movement ® lessons teach you how to learn.

It is all about learning. That simple. That easy.

Time Commitment: 45 to 60 minutes or Mini Sessions of 20 to 30 minutes, generally offered on a weekly basis.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions afford the opportunity to more specifically address individual concerns, goals, improved abilities, and areas of pain or reduced mobility.

These sessions are generally hands on where the practitioner either verbally guides, or physically moves the client (or a combo) to bring awareness to movement patterns and new possibilities. The sessions often involve the client lying on a table, but can include sitting and walking as well. The approach is gentle and slow. Clients are encouraged to wear apparel that is comfortable and flexible.

To get more information or book an appointment please contact us @ dawneroy@learningbridges.net or call @ 780-458-5228


1 or 2 day workshops are offered from time to time to address specific themes such as balance, sitting, walking, etc.

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