Our Mission

Learning Bridges specializes in the development and implementation of individualized remedial educational programs for children, adolescents and adults who struggle with academic success. Through the use of various assessments, and clinical histories and observation, success plans (individualized programs) and interventions are developed in consideration of areas of concern or difficulty as well as aptitudes and interests. As a result, instead of fitting a client into a pre-developed program, each program is designed to specifically reflect the needs and interests of the learner. Additionally, each student receives instruction and assistance on a one to one basis. This allows the interventionist the opportunity to adjust the program as required.

Overall, the goal of the intervention is to strengthen literacy and related learning processes so that school success is achieved. Parents are encouraged to become informed and familiar with the processes taught so that the student can receive ongoing direction and assistance. Many of the students who are referred to LB have been previously diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, speech and language disabilities, cognitive delays, auditory processing disorders, sensory processing disorder, or visual perceptual deficits. Some clients are simply seeking some additional assistance with study skills or test taking strategies. Therefore, in addition to literacy related strategies and processes associated with reading, writing and spelling, intervention programs often include remediation in auditory processing, visual processing, language skills, developmental foundations,, organization and study skills, penmanship (printing and cursive writing), memory, thinking skills, and/or attention and concentration strategies.