Meet Your Shoulders!

We have all heard those familiar sayings regarding the shoulder:

– carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

– shouldering responsibility

– a wise head on young shoulders

– a shoulder to cry on

– looking over one’s shoulder

Our shoulders are very connected and part of so many things we do! Whether it is driving and shoulder checking, crafting, walking, running, riding bikes, computer work or gardening, a well functioning shoulder makes a pretty big difference with the comfort and ease in how we move! Spring is just around the corner! Our shoulders need to be in peak condition!

Through the Feldenkrais Method®, we can become friends with our shoulders. In this next series, we will explore and discover the relationship between our head, shoulders and the whole spine.

If you are interested in attending classes, details are below! Please register through my website:

Class Details:

For this series of lessons, we will continue in a similar fashion with two shorter lessons each week. Each lesson will be 25 to 30 minutes long, followed by a time for discussion and sharing for those interested. Please note, the final or grand finale lesson will be 45-60 minutes.

Weekly lessons will be recorded and made available for those individuals registered. If you cannot make it to a class, you will have the audio recording for use at a convenient time.

Details: ONLINE via Zoom

March 2023: 4 Week Series/2 Sessions each week (7 Lessons – 30 min. each, Lesson 8- 45-60 min)

                      Classes:  Tuesdays @ 8:30 am (March 7, 14, 21, 28)

                                          Fridays @ 8:30 am (March 10, 17, 24, *31)

*THE FINAL CLASS, MARCH 31, 2023 WILL BE A 45-60 minute class and will be offered twice: 8:30 am (Online) OR 3:30 pm (In-person: Limit of 6!)

The in-person class will be held in the Learning Bridges Clinic at 16 Mission Avenue, St. Albert.

Please note that for in-person sessions, masks are encouraged.

 Cost: 65.00 + GST for the 8 class series/recordings. Please pay by e-transfer to 

Session Registration